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ISO 9001:2008 Co. Serving 1000 clients in Asia, Middle-East, Europe & America since 1995.
Reliance,Tata, Godrej,HDFC, Satyam (SIFY),
Bank of Baroda, India Fashion

and 15,340+ customers can't be wrong.
India's top most companies choose us for web site promotion in best search engines,
search engine optimization and to get top listing in Yahoo and Google.
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on "Search Engine Strategies" for your website.

We are pleased with the service and the results that we have received from the promotion of our group of websites on most search engines. We appreciate web site promotion services.

- Mr. Amit - Exchangenext
(Reliance Group Of Companies). Mumbai,India
We are happy with the web site promotion work done. We great your admire the search engine optimization team.
- Mr. Ankur – Godrej Properties. Mumbai, India

We have been genuinely impressed with the service, we received from Cyberweb. We are thoroughly confident and glad that we made the right choice for promoting our websites with you. Our web site promotion was done effectively.

- Mr. Srinivas – SIFY Ltd. Chennai, India.
Web Site Promotion

Web site promotion means listing your website at top position on leading search engines like Yahoo! And Google. With proper web site promotion in leading search engines, your business will get a major boost.

Web site promotion is achieved with effective optimization of your website for top listings in search engines. This process is termed as Search Engine Optimization. Today, Yahoo! And Google are considered the Best Search Engine.

To achieve best results, the web site promotion must be done in Internet’s Best Search Engine’s i.e. Yahoo! and Google. There are other best search engines like Altavista, AOL, Lycos etc. Your web site promotion is done in these major search engines as well.
Sign Up To Receive Free Sales Leads
Our web-promotion package and search engine optimization will ensure that you receive verified trade leads from serious buyers.

It will be a profitable experience for you to contact verified global customers who are interesting in buying from you. We receive tens of thousands of urgent trade-leads on Global Trade Network through major search engines like Yahoo! and Google.

All the leads that we will send you are relevant to your industry and business. You can respond to the leads, talk to potential customers; get the new orders, higher revenue and profits.

Once you are happy with the free-leads, you can sign-up as our Premium Member and receive hot leads from global customers - every-day.

We are pleased with the service and the results that we have received from the promotion of our group of websites on most search engines. We appreciate web site promotion services

- Mr. Amit - Exchangenext
( Reliance Group Of Companies). Mumbai, India

You have an impressive web site - easy to navigate and rich in content. We, as your Web Service Providers, take pride in that. Are we just blowing our trumpet now?  Far from that. We want to go the extra mile. Search engine are key to successful marketing on the Internet. With Web site promotion in best search engines, you can get mega profits.

Your investment with us, we wish and we know, can fetch you unimaginable rewards. We can help you do that, by improving your visibility. For, what use is it, winking in the dark? A very small investment in web site promotion and search engine optimization will produce major revenue and profits for you.

You can bring about a world of difference to your business. Emails will pour in. Incessant phone calls and frequent faxes will augur business enquiries, proposals, orders, and needless to say, unbelievable profits. Our customers have been overwhelmed with the power of search engine and web site promotion to make a difference in their business.


We have been genuinely impressed with the service, we received from Cyberweb. We are thoroughly confident and glad that we made the right choice for promoting our websites with you. Our web site promotion was done effectively.

- Mr. Srinivas – SIFY Ltd. Chennai, India.

We will promote your web site in Yahoo!, Google, All Major Search Engines and throughout our trade network. You will have access to our expert team of web-promotion experts to optimize and promote your web-pages.

How? A simple web promotion exercise could, like a magic wand, widen business prospects like never before. Enter into a yearly contract with us at rates that is not a patch on the charges other search engine optimization services offer and yet get the best of services that are geared for special customers like you!

When you assign us the responsibility to promote your website, your website join the prestigious list of Cyberweb’s global customers like HP, Singapore Airlines, SIFY , Reliance, Tata, Hindustan Lever, Videocon, ICICI Bank, Bank Of Baroda and over 15,000 medium to large sized customers in over 40 countries.

We are pleased to record our appreciation of the services provided by your company over the past two years in designing, hosting, promoting and maintaining our website.
- Mr. M. Balachandran. President. Bank of Baroda.
What do you achieve by this?
You will beat the competition at one stroke.
Your website will earn the pride of positions in all Major Search Engines and Directories.

Most of our customers like Reliance, Tata, Satyam and Bank Of Baroda have reported great that they received great results through our work.Our customers have reported following benefits through our web-promotion work:

Enhance Productivity Of Your Sales Staff
With a good list of sales leads, sales reps will spend less time chasing cold leads, and more time focusing on hot leads.
Boost your Confidence, Self-Esteem and Sense Of Achievement:
You will feel frustrated if you contact 100 uninterested customers. They will disappoint you by not being interested in your company and services. If you speak to customers that are hot and how have shown clear interest in your products, you will boost your confidence, self-esteem and a sense of achievement.
Increase Revenue and Penetrate New Markets
We have one of the largest source of offers to buy from companies and governmental organizations in the world. You will discover amazing markets, revenue and profits that you never thought
Virus-Free Email
We will send the latest offers to buy, RFQs, and RFPs pertaining to your company by email as they come available. We will even provide your company with a Spam-Free, Virus-Free Email Account. With build-in, online virus protection, your email account will never face a virus-problem.
As India’s foremost IT Media company, we were looking for utmost reliability and precision for our hosting needs. We found that Cyberweb Global provides reliability and consistency of the quality.
- Jasubhai Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.
Our Web Site Promotion Gold Package entails that we :
Create hyperlink from our post popular directories to your site as a vote of our confidence for your product. This is  like receiving an online
testimonial or endorsement from a celebrity.
Analyse and re-create your existing web-pages for prime positioning
Create popular keywords and keyphrases to promote your site
Analyse existing keywords and keyword categories
Submit to popular Search Engines, Directories and link resources
Ensure effective listings on  search engines
Put you in the lead
Establish an edge over your competitors
Our Web Maintenance Service Contract ensures that :
Your site is re-submitted to all search engines every month
Your keywords and key-phrases are regularly updated
Your ranking in Major Search Engines is checked, maintained or improved
Our Litmus Test for Accountability!
At your door we will deliver Ranking Report of top ten search engines every month!
The major search engines we shall track are:
Yahoo AllTheSites Rediff LookSmart(UK) DMOZ
Google  Hotbot WebCrawler ItaliaOnline Hotrate (USA)
Lycos AOL (America On Line) AltaVista Khoj Go Guides
Netscape Excite InfoSeek Lycos (Europe) Dogpile
AllTheWeb iWon MSN ICQ CNN
 Proof of the pudding our customers have
A smile of satisfaction that speaks volumes
An assurance that their website is always ranked among the first ten
A visibility that boosts business prospects
An inclination to reach out to us for all web related services
 Who are they?
To name a few Reliance, Sify, Bank of Baroda, Govt. of Rajasthan
 Our clients listed #1 at Search Engine Ranking: 
Reliance at Google/Yahoo for Web Applications from Rworld  
Sify(Satyam) at Google for Marketplace in India 
E-Z Quit,Inc. at AlltheWeb for Artificial Cigarettes 
Saflow Products Pvt.Ltd., at Google for Coated Pipes 
Beats16 at Google for Dandia Rass 
Godrej Properties at Google for Properties in Mumbai
Final Word
Cyberweb Global Services has done wonders to our website and has also contributed directly to increase our company's turnover manifold. Team of CGS has not only redefined the meaning of commitment but also excellence through sheer hard work, dedication and zeal to perform. We say "apparent" for we have not met their team members, but have communicated only through the Internet and telephones. Yet, they have made us feel as if they are in front of us! The net result is that it is not only a pleasure to work with them but we feel they are as much a part of us as our website is.
- Colonel A Sridharan. (Retd.)Covai Property Centre (India) Private Limited
P.S.:    For a price of a single sada-dosa or pizza, you can open yourself to a world of new opportunities and global customers. Thousands have benefited through our expertise. We invite you to taste the online success – Today.
The web site promotion and search engine optimization work for indiafashion.com is done by CGS Infotech Ltd. CGS Infotech has done web site promotion , search engine optimization work for global clients since 1995. Contact us today for web site promotion and search engine optimization. Our customers are in India, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
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Web Site Promotion

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When you begin thinking about Web site promotion, you should follow a series of planning steps to make sure your site gets top ranking in all major search engines. Even the best looking, most technologically advanced web site won't be profitable if no one knows about it. You need targetted visitors to your web site, who are looking for the information or services which your web site has.

Your web site should be an asset to your business. More phone calls, more faxes, more e-mails, more new customers and more profits, that is what makes a web site successful.

We strongly believe that your website should be sucessful on the internet and sell your product and services online. In this articles section we are making small effort to help you in generating high quality traffic on your web site through Search Engine Positioning and Directory Placement.

Use Keywords in the URL name.
HTML Frames & Search Engines.
Heading Font Styles & Search Engines.
Using ALT tags is very Important.
META Tags & Search Engines.
Very Imporant Task - Optimizing with Doorway Pages.
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