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Hi, Welcome To Personalized Email Section Of CGS Infotech Ltd.

In this page, we have tried to present complete information so that you can Get Personalized Email Address at the lowest price.

Personalized Email Address -

Personalized Email Address lets you get the email name you've always wanted, such as yourname@yourname.com. Now you can have a personal email account that is totally unique, memorable, and made just for you so it's incredibly easy to use. And it’s your secure Anti Spam and Virus Free Personal Email Account. Sign Up Now our best-personalized email solution.
Key Benefits :: Personalized Email Address

It's easy! to remember - Nobody will ever forget your email address now, because when you meet across some one, you need to just give your name and that's all... he will mail you at yourname@yourname.com so now your name has become your Email Identity and its easy to remember. (ex : yourname@yourname.com ).

Email ID of Your Choice
- You can get the choice of your Personalized Email Address.

Free 25 MB Storage
- You will get FREE 25 MB Email Storage on our high speed server against 2MB space provided by other Email Service Provider.

Don't Get Vanished ! It's Yours
- Don't fear, if you will not use the email address for some time, it will not get vanished. It's yours and it will remain with you only.

You Own It - Considering that all Free Email Service provider are getting paid. So this is the best choice to secure the email address which you always want.

Get all key benefits of your own Email Address with your own Personalized Email Address. Includes FREE 25 MB Email Storage.
About CGS Personalized Email Address :

CGS offers a range of email addresses that allows you to get an email address that is meaningful to you. It could be a combination of a first name and a last name, such as tim@hello.com, a service and a placename, such as holiday@ca.us, a nickname and an attitude, such as hotdude@coolhead.com, or any variation of the above. Don't be stuck with a garbled username at a corporate domain name. Express yourself with a personalized email address.

Personalized Email Package lets you get the email address you've always wanted, such as me@my-own-name.com. Now you can have an email address that is totally unique, memorable, and made just for you.

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