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What Is Pay Per Click?:
  Advertising model in which advertisers pay for click-throughs to their website. Ads are served based on keywords or themes.
What are the Benefits of PPC?

PPC has a number of advantages to businesses of all sizes. Here are just a few:

Small initial investment. The search engines don’t charge a fee to place or run your ad. You only pay for the users that click on the ad.

Budget size is up to you. Depending on how much you want to invest and what kind of sales or leads you want to generate, you can set your budget as large or small as you like.

Realistic for all businesses, regardless of size. PPC can create a level playing field for small businesses, especially if you are smart about picking the right keywords. Your ad might be right above or below a large business or national chain, depending on how much you bid for keywords or phrases and the kind of words you target.

Immediate results. Research, set up and implementation of pay-per-click campaigns can happen in just a few days time, as opposed to natural rankings which can take weeks or months to gain a ranking. With PPC, you can start seeing results – and generating sales – the day your ad goes up.

Real-time trackability. “Trackability” is our favorite word around here despite the fact that it’s not a real word. We track the effectiveness of various keywords and phrases, which ads generate the most traffic, conversion rates, and much more. And unlike a printed piece or mailer, there’s no lag time to know if your ad is working. Plus, we can make changes on the fly.

Gain a national audience. What’s the best way to reach someone in Provo, Utah? Put an add on Google or Yahoo!. Chances are, your potential customers are on one of these two search engines. Along with their network partners, they each claim to reach over 80% of Internet users.

Focus on a targeted audience. Maybe you don’t want to reach someone in Provo, Utah. Maybe you have a local customer base and want to stay within 50 or 100 miles of your business. If so, then we have the ability to target users in the exact area you designate. Another way to target your audience is by the specific keywords and phrases you choose. In essence, you are pre-qualifying your customers before they ever land on your site.

Brand your name. Sometimes you just want to get your name out there. What better way to do that then a top placement on Google or Yahoo?
AdWords ROI:
Google Adwords:

Here's an example of how AdWords ads can pay for themselves and eventually lead to increasing returns. You invest Rs. 5000/- in AdWords ads and you pay Rs. 25/- per visitor or click to Google. Because you only pay for ad clicks, you are assured of receiving at least 200 clicks. If 10% of these clicks result in sales, you will make 20 sales and get 20 new clients. If the average sale amount is Rs. 10,000, your initial investment of Rs. 5000/- will generate initial sales of Rs. 2 lacs in just ONE Month. In these cases, you can advertise on a larger scale and reinvest the profits into your AdWords budget, which can increase potential profits even more.

So, a basic investment of Rs. 5000/- has a potential to generate sales of Rs. 2 lacs!

AdWords Targeting:

With traditional advertising and most forms of online advertising, ads are simply broadcasted to a wide range of audiences. Google AdWords ads, however, are targeted to people's specific interests.

When a user enters a search query on Google, they'll see the natural search results for that query, along with AdWords ads that are highly targeted to the search topic. Thus, AdWords ads are as relevant and useful as Google's search results. Your ads will reach users at the precise moment when they're looking for your product or service.

You can see detailed report directly on Google's website of your account, your marketing investment, how many clicks you got every day.

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